Tecton  Stoneworks
Water Features
Landscape Designs
We at Tecton Stoneworks can assist you in creating a
visual representation of your design ideas, allowing
you the opportunity to see your completed project
before we begin.
River Rock
Mossy Boulders
Mossy Boulders
Bluestone with Limestone Cap
Bluestone with Limestone Cap
Mossy Boulders\river rock
River Rock\field stone
Step 1- prepare the soil
Water Features - Process
Step 2 - install liners
Step 4 - place boulders
Step 5 - place river rock
Step 3 - install equipment
Step 6 - place ledge stones
Step 7 - build water falls
Step 8 - fill pond area
Step 9 - wash rock face
Step 10 - complete
Copped and Mossy Boulders